Teeth Whitening at home: How It Works, and Types

Teeth Whitening at home: How It Works, and Types

Teeth whitening is lightening the color of teeth from one tone to another. 

What is not teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening doesn’t include cleaning of the plaque that accumulates on the teeth, which is called teeth polishing or cleaning. Some individuals have tiny brown or white spots on their teeth, these speckles are called fluorosis. Treatment options for fluorosis in dentistry include the following:

  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns.
  • Enamel microabrasion.    

Other conditions which can’t be treated via teeth whitening procedure include genetic discoloration of the teeth.

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Who can get teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening can be opted by anyone except the ones who have sensitivity issues.

This can be assessed by a dentist whether you can or cannot bear the procedure of teeth whitening. If the procedure becomes unbearable it is immediately discontinued.

 Types of teeth whitening

It consists of two types 

  1. At home
  2. At clinic 

Method of teeth whitening at clinic                

The steps include 

  • Preparation
  • Application of the gel 
  • Placing the probe in the mouth 
  • Applying vaseline on the lips  
  • Securing your teeth by cotton packing of the mouth 
  • Application of the gel on the gums, which secure the gums so that when teeth whitening gel is applied it doesn’t irritate  the gums
  • Afterwards the suction is placed in the mouth and gel is applied on the teeths followed by radiating the teeths with ultraviolet light which activates the gel and the process of teeth  whitening initiates. 

This procedure lasts for 15-20 minutes. It may require two or three cycles of this procedure as per patient wish of how much teeth whitening they want.

The number of cycles and the results may vary with the individuals.

Precautions post-teeth whitening: 

  • Avoid hot or cold food items for 24 hours 
  • Avoid diet which  stain the teeth including pan, tea, or smoking for 24 hours 

Fact Check

  • Teeth whitening does not cause pain if done properly 
  • Teeth whitening does not damage your teeths 
  • Teeth whitening lasts for 1-2 years
  • Teeth whitening only whitens natural teeths it does not whitens the filling, crowns or artificial tooth
  • Natural remedies on net (baking soda in toothpaste,clove oil or using banana peel),  does not whitens the teeth instead can lead to more harm 
  • Charcoal paste should not be used for teeth whitening  it cause damage to the outermost layer of the teeths making them weak 

At Home teeth whitening 

It can be done by the gels, ointments available in the market. However , the results are not as good as done by a dentist 

Also it can lead to teeth damaging because it doesn’t take place in a controlled environment i.e. done by a specialist in a clinical setting.

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