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Do you know what ultrasound is?

Ultrasounds are vibrations that have ultrasonic frequency and are used in medical imaging.

Are you scared by the name?

Normally patients get scared after listening to the word ultrasound, but there is nothing to be scared of; it’s a procedure without involvement of any type of injection or surgical instrument.

How is it carried out?

Normally ultrasounds are done with a small probe called a “Transducer” and gel is directly placed on our skin.

How ultrasounds help the patient?

  • Patients don’t have to face any type of radiations.
  • Ultrasound captures a detailed image of that specific area.
  • They are painless and do not require any cuts and injections.
  • They are pocket friendly.
  • Easy access with accuracy.

Are there any special precautionary measures patients should take before having ultrasound?

A list of precautionary measures is provided to patients before certain clinical observations but here is the good news the patient is not bound to anything before having ultrasound. The patient is free to carry out everything normally even before and after the ultrasound.

Is it a time consuming process?

No, it is not at all time consuming. A patient can be done within as quick as 10 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes. If there are different areas of the body that need to be examined.

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