Have you ever heard of ECHOCARDIOGARPHY?

Echocardiography is the use of ultrasound waves to see the moment of your heart.

Is Echocardiography painful like some medical treatments or surgery?

  • No, Echocardiography is not at all painful, the only issue some patients can face is the coolness of gel.
  • An echocardiogram uses sound waves to produce images of your heart. Which can help doctors to identify your disease.

How can Echocardiography help you?

  • It helps to identify your disease quickly.
  • Sound waves are harmless and painless.
  • It does not affect your daily life and takes not more than 40mins maximum.
  • There is 0 risk factor in having Echocardiography.

Are there any special steps patients have to follow before getting Echocardiography?

No, there are no additional precautionary measures to have this test, you can eat, drink normally and do everything you were supposed to do before the test.

What normally happens after Echocardiography?

  • Your technician will clean the gel from your chest.
  • Doctor will diagnose your disease through pictures and further treatment will be carried.
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